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Animalia Vengeance is a fantasy drama Visual Novel where'll you take on a major food conglomerate, who has a total monopoly in the food industry. With the help of both human and animal companions, you dream of a day where animals will not need to be rapidly farmed for food, and that scientifically created lab food can meet the population's needs instead. Will the sabotage from this conglomerate prove too powerful? Or will you crumble under the pressure of internal politics and the animal's uprising? 

 Learn more about the story below!

Features at a glance:

  • Communicate with animals!
  • Rat and pigeon duo as your sidekick!
  • Highly engaging story
  • Multiple endings 
  • Multiple love interests 
  • Partially voiced characters by a talented cast
  • Original soundtrack
  • Get to choose what you eat
  • Food art!

The Story

This story revolves around Aiden, the Head of Research of Food Technologies at Future Foods Lab, which was set up to accelerate the technology to grow sustainable, commercial-grade lab meat.

His motivation is to stop the rapidly growing livestock farming practices, where a rapid increase in animal cruelty is happening. After many years of research, Aiden's team managed to create a working example of a lab-grown meat, but is soon faced with sabotage and interferences planned by traditional farming bodies.

An avid animal lover, Aiden has also been working on a prototype device in his free time, the Communicator EX6, which is made for translating animal languages to human speech. If this succeeds, it will allow Aiden to better understand the thoughts of animals. What can Aiden do with this ability, and what kind of animal encounters will he experience?

Throughout his quest, Aiden will face sabotage, gain animal companions to join his cause, suffer heartbreaking losses, make difficult decisions, and potentially find love.

Can you help him navigate his way out of difficult situations, and ultimately reach the perfect ending for both humans and animals?


Download the demo and experience Chapter 1-2 for yourself! The demo allows you to understand Aiden's motivations, what he is doing to help the animals, and gives you a backstory for the plot moving forward. You'll also get a teaser on how he is going to communicate with animals! We hope that you enjoy it! ~Approximately 13000 words.


Animalia Vengeance Demo Extended - Windows Version 214 MB
Animalia Vengeance Demo Extended - Mac Version 212 MB
Animalia Vengeance Demo - Linux Version 152 MB

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Awesome story with great mechanics.



Hey vtran,

Thanks for the feedback! We hope that you enjoy the demo :)


Animalia Vengeance Team

Hey there in this game can the scienfically grown lab food make u have like superpowers or certain types of growth effects im just curious and can u get it to your lover? These are my questions before playing.

Interesting premises and nice art, will def pledge on Kickstarter! Best of luck reaching your goal!